7 thoughts on “In memoria di Udo Ulfkotte

  1. 1. Effettivamente negli USA hanno da poco tempo trovato un nuovo editore “American Free Press” che lo mette in vendita, ecco la descrizione di questo libro nella versione in inglese attualmente in vendita in USA con un nuovo editore.


    A Confession from the Profession

    By Dr. Udo Ulfkotte

    Udo Ulfkotte, a German journalist, reveals how he and his colleagues are corrupted and entrapped like modern-day Mockingbirds on the tentacles of paymaster CIA. The book became a bestseller in Germany–then Ulfkotte died in mysterious circumstances. A small U.S. publisher named “Tayen Lane” promised to publish an English edition here – but apparently never got as far as translating it. Tayen Lane , which looks to have been a print-on-demand vanity press, is now defunct. There was considerable speculation that the translation was suppressed by the powers that be, for instance, in the review in the Off-Guardian.

    The original title translates to “Bought Journalists: How politicians, secret agencies, and high finance steer Germany’s mass media.” This is more accurate than “Embedded in the Pay of the CIA,” which is a quick caricature. There was no need to slip payoff envelopes to newsmen. They get the bribe in their regular paycheck. The entire system is not only bought, it was installed by the U.S. during the Occupation after WWII. Ulfkotte hammers away at the corruption of Elite Organizations and Media, which set the tone and the rules of the game for the puppets who pen their pieces of the program.

    The eagerly awaited English edition of “Bought Journalists” was suppressed for three years under the title “Journalists for Hire”–and still got 24 five-star-only Amazon reviews from would-be readers. After 18 months on the bestseller list in Germany, now it’s finally here!



    "Mi piace"


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